Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Future is in Your Bones

Grandma had a way of saying certain things that made you stop and furrow your brow for a second or two.  Like whenever she saw a black crow she'd say, "Well--someone's going to die." Which of course, someone always did .  .  .  because that's how life goes. Especially at her age.
Grandma: Anne Delisle
She also knew when it was going to rain. She felt it in her bones.  Her weather predictions were more often correct than were those of the local weather reporter. But the idea of predictions based on bones is not such a new concept and I know you're thinking you've heard that one before.

But here's one I'm betting you've never heard. Your future can be predicted in the bones of the meat you just ate.

Sorry vegetarians--no predictions for you.

That's my brother-in-law, Alex, to the right. He's the cook, self-appointed because he loves food as much as I do and he's able to take that grass-fed, free-range, organic goat and make it tasty. But more importantly, as the cook, he is responsible for getting that meat so it easily falls from the bone.

And in that bone lies one's future.

So, first the meat needs to be completely scraped off.

Then the reading can take place.

My father-in-law, Toma, is an expert at reading bones.  At least that's what he claims.

His sight is not the greatest.  But don't worry.

By holding it up to the light, all is clear.

Personally, I prefer cafetzu. Reading one's future in coffee grounds is more reliable.

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