Monday, February 8, 2016

A Quiet Place.

When the chatter of the world gets too unbearable or the pressure on your shoulders threatens to break bones, you need a quiet place.  Sometimes it's just a few moments inside your own head, closed off from the world. It need not be far away or  particularly glamorous . . . which is something my father always knew.

Dad used to bring the Sunday newspaper and a cup of coffee into the garage. And he wouldn't emerge for at least an hour. With a household of eight, and a not-so-big house, I'm guessing that was the only way to get some peace without actually leaving the premises. And, like dad, we all need such a place, a quiet place  to . . .  let's say, regenerate.

Some high schools actually have what they call 'Quiet Time' as a means for decreasing anxiety and increasing confidence, which in turn boosts academic performance. And meditation, which for some might be in the form of prayer has lasting benefits, though I'm not sure I am yet able to quiet my brain quite that much . . . but perhaps with a bit of practice. In any event, it's worth a search to find that place and it need not be any more than a small corner and a simple few minutes ---  as dad always knew.

A not-so-small, kind-of-quiet place to think.

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