Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Back to Eden

The winter yoke has been removed. Summer is on the horizon and my bags are packed.

Epirus, Greece is my eden. What's yours?

Everyone needs that special place, a place into which we escape, remove ourselves from our usual environment for a short respite, a place with no newscasts, no mail, no set daily routine . . . a place where we can break free of all those rules that bind us.

Of course, once we've returned to earth, there is that deep depilating depression at knowing there is a long wait for our next departure.

But let's try not to think about that, yet.

For now . . . and for our physical health, mental stability, emotional well-being .  .  . let's find that hacksaw, cut those shackles loose and run free!

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  1. When do you arrive? We're already here! Jim

    1. I know! I see your beautiful Vitsa photos. I'm trying not to be jealous ; ) We won't be there until the last week of June.