Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Good-bye to the old Days!

You know how people say they miss the "good old days?"  Well - I have to be honest.  I don't.  The old days were hard.  
. . . on both sides of the Atlantic. 

Yes, of course, I miss my youth, my little children, my naive sense that time was endless.  But I do not miss the hard times.  

The changes in Margariti were slow but welcome improvements.  The last section from the old house was knocked down. (below)  That was the room where the whole family slept after the fire, before the little house was built.  It was replaced with a lovely 3 bedroom apartment area.  The finished product is the photo on the book cover of The Nifi. 

Can you see the cooking shack in the background of the photo below, to the left?

That was also knocked down and replaced with a nice new modern one.

No one was sorry to see it go.  For Chevi, the improvements were more signs that her children were becoming successful.  And isn't that what we all want?  To see our children go forward in life, independent and productive.  To know that they have found a good friend to go through life with. There is nothing else after that.

And Chevi knew that about all of her children.

Some changes are brought about by hard work and perseverance and some are beyond our control.

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