Monday, November 18, 2013

Sitting on the Step

Chevi is sitting with 3 of her grandchildren, Speros, Nikki and Thomas, on the step in front of the little house.  The little house was just two bedrooms with a tiny entrance.  The area behind that blue fence is where Nick and I would build our house, an undertaking that began in 1993 and as of our visit this summer, remains a work in progress. Back in those days, many of the young people who had left to find an income outside of the country were also building houses and you could see slabs of cement all over the mountainside that slowly, over many years, replaced the old house. But in 1993, our limited funds allowed us to secure a license to build there and the blueprints for a future home.  It was pretty exciting.  The architect advised us to knock the little house down but we decided instead to absorb it into the new one.  Old and new together.  So, that step that they are sitting on became a hallway.

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